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Not all companies that claim to do SEO
are actually proficient in SEO.

It can be challenging to find a technically proficient SEO company in Australia due to several factors. Firstly, from a market perception standpoint, SEO is often considered a part of marketing, which leads to low customer acquisition costs for SEO services offered by advertising or marketing companies. Secondly, for individuals with technical skills, there are other parallel businesses in the IT sector that offer higher financial returns, while SEO requires extensive expertise and resources such as data, link building, and algorithm prediction, resulting in a highly competitive environment where the strong get stronger. It takes years of experience and dedication for a company to build a strong SEO resource pool, as evidenced by W1’s success serving several large companies.

Furthermore, due to the limited knowledge of SEO among most customers, it can be challenging to assess the true technical capabilities and execution methods of an SEO company in Australia or elsewhere. Despite investing a significant amount of money in SEO, there is often uncertainty about the effectiveness of the investment. Additionally, due to relinquishing excessive management control, unscrupulous companies may engage in nefarious practices, leaving customers vulnerable to exploitation. Consequently, it is essential to exercise caution when selecting an SEO company to avoid being exploited by unscrupulous firms.

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DA/DR Improvement

DA (Domain Authority) and DR (Domain Rating) are indicators of a website's online authority, which can reflect the website's online influence and content quality.

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Anti-blackhat SEO

Using technical means to avoid or solve the negative impact on a website's long-term development caused by SEO practices that do not comply with search engine rules.

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High DA Link Building

Building relationships with high-DA websites is an effective strategy for improving a website's search engine ranking by increasing its DA value.

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SEO Auditing

The purpose of SEO audit is to identify technical and content issues in a website and provide recommendations and optimization strategies.

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