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Software Development

Laravel PHP Application, Native App, CRM&ERP, Windows App

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Website Development

Company Website, eCommerce Website, Landing Page

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App Development

Apple iOS App, Android Google Play App

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Smart Contract

Public chain development, NFT contract development

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AI Development

DALLE-E, GPT Model, DeepL API integration and developement

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Technical SEO

DA/DR Improvement, Backlink building, Anti-black hat SEO

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Digital Marketing

Content Writing, Blogging, Social Media, EDM, Ad management

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IT Consulting & Training

Development & Architecture, Market Analysis, SEO Auditing

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E-commerce Hosting

eBay Operation & Execution, Tmall/JD Op & Ex

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Commercial Audio Production

Commercial Advertising Music Production, Commercial Advertising Voice-over


More one-stop support and services:

Code troubleshooting / Code efficiency and security check

Google Analytics / Track and analyze website visitor data

Firewall installation / Improve website security performance

Website speed optimization / Increase website loading speed

Keyword analysis / Analyze keywords for your industry

Anti-black hat SEO / Clean up blacklinks and poisioned links

Australian trademark registration / Register and protect your rights

Social media management / Update all aspects of social media

Business registration / Register your business on all network channels

SSL certificate installation / Increase website trust and security

SEO article writing / Original articles to enhance website weight

Advertising music production / Copyright music for advertising 

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