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What is “the tech team”

W1 Cybertech Pty Ltd, formerly known as Z1 Cybertech, was founded in 2014. Due to some clients’ limited English ability, the team would sometimes simplify “Z1 Cybertech” as “Cybertech” or “The Tech” when introducing themselves to clients. We are now delighted that many of our clients refer to us as “the tech team”, as if our team is a part of their own company, which is funny that sometimes even leads to comical situations, where during a project meeting, our client’s customers or partners would think we are actually part of the company.

Hide the Light Under a Bushel

Using an alias is necessary in some cases. In Australia, it’s rare to find IT teams with equivalent technical capabilities. The reason is simple: programmers with good coding habits are unlikely to be unemployed. As long as they have independent programming abilities, their annual salary will not be lower than AUD 100,000 (note: the concept of an excellent programmer earning AUD 100,000 per year was before 2020. After the epidemic, as of January 2023, it’s common to see programmers earning AUD 150,000 per year). This makes it extremely difficult for a company to maintain a good technical team in a market like Australia, where demand is scarce. An experienced technical professional, once they give up a stable income and decide to go solo, will undoubtedly earn more from “private work” than from a full-time job, unless they have autism. We have taken a different approach and turned problems into opportunities: by solving pain points for our peers, we became their suppliers. This way, our peers can focus more on promoting and converting clients. Under the sales and PPT production abilities of many excellent IT and advertising companies, we have had the honor of indirectly serving many giant companies, including SCG, HSBC, and BYD, which we could hardly have contacted directly (for the protection of customer interests, we cannot share examples one by one). From quantitative to qualitative changes, this approach has also allowed our team to connect with various industries in Australia, understand the different joys and sorrows of different industries, and therefore provide instinctively good IT solutions and marketing strategies for most industries. Another problem brought by this 2B market positioning is that our clients’ peers do not want their clients to know about us. Therefore, when discussing billing and account issues, “the tech team” is not only an alias but also a secret code. We had to hide our light under a bushel to protect our clients’ benifit. And now, We have decided to change our business model and serve the entire consumer market, rather than limiting ourselves to a few IT and marketing companies.

					console.log( 'We are the tech team' );

The Great Cataclysm

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the team of W1 Cybertech gave up their 70-square-meter bright office located on the second floor of 29 Metropolitan Avenue, Nunawading Victoria (now JJ Auto) in order to cope with the economic impact of the epidemic by open-source saving and to adopt home office to better care for and protect their families. The eight-year relationship and understanding have been maintained during the epidemic. During the government’s 5-kilometer travel restriction period, team members also helped each other purchase daily necessities. After online meetings, they continued to chat and share their concerns with each other. In the three years of the pandemic, some team members moved to further suburban areas, some went to other cities in Australia, and some chose to return to their home country to take care of their families. However, the commitment of W1 as a professional and comprehensive technical team remained unchanged. The team not only overcame the common problem of low efficiency in online work, but also made new breakthroughs in their work processes and standards. After changing its name from Z1 Cybertech to W1, the company not only retained its 2B business, but also began to explore the 2C market.

New Record in Tech

In mid-2022, W1 completed technical breakthroughs and began offering packaged app services to the market, gradually replacing the expensive native development methods with low-cost production and short development cycles to better serve small and medium-sized enterprises in Australia. The packaged app is implemented by website technology using XCode, which, compared to the more mainstream one-click packaging software, can guarantee no virus reporting, no crashes, no sealing, no need for unsigned packaging and distribution downloads, and can be directly and legitimately uploaded to the iOS Apple App Store and Android Marketplace. In December 2022, W1 began to offer fast website construction services at a cost lower than that of typical outsourcing centers in China, setting a stunning record of delivering websites from the customer’s first contact to delivery within 2 days (48 hours).

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