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Origin Story

W1 Cybertech Pty Ltd, also known as “W1”, is a technology-oriented IT company located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Its predecessor, Z1 Cybertech, was founded in 2012 by a team with backgrounds in information security and general A.I. & machine learning. The company’s main business initially focused on the R&D of hardware and software for smart homes, as well as the development of underlying algorithms and software for the healthcare industry. W1 also developed an industry-level solution for Australia’s largest psychological counseling organization, Psych Press. Psych Press is a preferred partner for the human resources departments of many Australian conglomerates, and its well-known personality color tests have greatly reduced interview costs for many large enterprises, including Nestle, 21st Century Fox, National Australia Bank, Mazda, and Holden.

Due to the trust of its customers, W1 has participated in major events, including the promotion of A Classic Tour by Jacky Cheung, accumulating a large number of Chinese community resources and marketing experience.

At the end of 2019, W1 was restructured and renamed, shifting its focus to advertising and marketing and strengthening its B2B model. It now provides a comprehensive range of information technology services, including software development, website development, mobile app development, technical consulting, IT solutions, rapid website creation, SEO, advertising solutions, and marketing management. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, W1 has provided its customers with strong information technology support and an understanding of the Australian local market to help them develop plans and transform their businesses during the crisis.


Corporate Values

W1 believes that the more cross-border and differentiated a company is, without departing from the essence of technology itself, the stronger its competitiveness will be. Therefore, as a not-so-large Australian internet company, the company is involved not only in practical and down-to-earth basic businesses that serve small businesses, such as website development, search engine optimization, advertising, marketing, and mobile app development, but also in relatively cutting-edge technological fields such as blockchain and AI.

W1 regards technology as its spearhead and believes that without faith and perseverance in advanced technology, the work of any technology company will be a paper tiger, creating value inefficiently and inevitably falling behind the times in the fiercely competitive market. Ultimately, it is the customers who suffer.

W1 uses a conscience as its shield and believes that a win-win situation is the only way to achieve long-term success. A team without conscience is a group of bodies chasing after profit, and the only path is to create value for customers with heart, treat people sincerely, be fair and confident, and not be greedy or competitive. We will not accept any black hat work, such as writing fake negative reviews or stealing business secrets, and we will not serve two clients in the same vertical market, forgetting benevolence, righteousness, and loyalty for the sake of money. We believe that in the rapidly developing information technology era, technology is no longer a moat, but rather standards, processes, and business ethics are.

Our Services

W1’s technical team consists of architects who have worked in Australia for years and have worked for companies such as Wisetech and Myer, as well as technical geeks from Alibaba, Tencent, and NetEase Games. From the small problem of sudden network outage or printer malfunction to the larger issue of incompatible IoT devices or hacked emails, W1 solves problems and creates value for customers in all areas of IT. Many Western clients refer to W1’s team as “the tech team”.

While serving the local market’s IT needs through various media, W1 has also achieved impressive results for 2C customers. With the help of W1’s SEO strategy and marketing, game company Epal Inc successfully expanded overseas, with user growth of 300% in just six months. They secured two rounds of financing led by YouTube founder Steve Chen, a16z, and Galaxy Interactive, and have now become one of North America’s largest game companion companies. The sports referee booking system developed by W1 has become an industry benchmark, and Sport Staff One (SSO) has grown to become one of Australia’s largest sports coaching and event coaching platforms. W1’s operation of the well-known Australian instrument brand Bellinati has become a popular choice for violin buyers in Australia through online networks and digital marketing, and is the highest-selling cello brand on eBay as of January 26, 2023.

Pointing the Way to the Future

W1 Cybertech’s wholly-owned subsidiary, A1 Lab, is a shining star in W1’s foray into the world of Web3.0. A1 Lab was created by blockchain developers, electronic art designers, and senior cryptocurrency consultants. Since February 2022, A1 Lab has successfully helped multiple teams and individuals, including pioneering artists, to develop, design, and launch various blockchain public chains/cryptocurrencies and NFT projects. A1 Lab is a technology-driven company, and the team is proficient in using the latest and most rigorous contract development and deployment technologies, such as Remix, Next, and Hardhat. They are one of the few technical teams in Australia with public chain development capabilities (as of January 2023). A1 Lab provides any blockchain-related consulting services, including smart contract development, contract auditing, project technical guidance, operational guidance, on-chain transactions, and digital artwork management.

MIAO Studios is W1’s wholly-owned professional music recording studio, providing clients with professional commercial music services such as voice-overs, mixing, and arrangement. The main recording engineer is a graduate of RMIT’s music production program and has extensive tuning experience. MIAO Studios has produced exclusive intros, outros, and background music for several well-known YouTubers and streamers. In 2019, they created advertising music and voice-over recordings for OZ Choice, which were broadcast on Coles TV and Costco TV for commercial advertising purposes.

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W1 is one of the few technology-focused IT teams in Australia.

The local team provides 24/7 technical support with no time difference.

We are honest, and do not exaggerate or deceive.

Transparent communication, never hiding data or concealing problems.

We have cutting-edge industry technology and extensive experience.

W1 has its own technical team and is not a sales or “job-taking” company.

An open cooperation model is valued to achieve long-term benefits.

Free social media content update services are provided to clients.

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