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If currently,

You are searching for a good digital marketing solution for your clients

Your company is in urgent need of manpower and a long-term partner

Your e-marketing team needs better direction and guidance

You are unable to handle too many individual projects such as

website creation, SEO, and ad management during your growth phase

If you are,

A registered online advertising agency

A personal marketing agency

A web design company

A design and creative company

A temporary CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

A marketing consulting company

A rapidly growing enterprise in need of IT technical support

Let’s have a chat first…

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Why do digital marketing companies need to partner with W1?

In Australia, IT companies are mainly divided into three types: sales-oriented, design-oriented, and technology-oriented. This depends on the skill attributes of the company’s founder, and the vast majority of such companies have no employees, only the founder who recruits business and does after-sales. What this person can do determines the company’s core competitiveness. Sales-oriented companies are usually in suits or well-dressed, busy with various clients, busy chatting with customers on the phone, busy making exquisite customer acquisition materials and data reports. Design-oriented companies will definitely have a founder who can do graphics. They usually provide various design services, and may also include printing and color printing business. Whether this type of company is reliable or not depends on the character of the company’s founder, but usually the websites they produce are very imaginative and artistic. W1 is technology-oriented.

As a marketing agency, company, or even an individual doing sales, it is impossible to cater to all customers. Especially when there are no standards, pricing is “looking at the person and making the dish,” and the completeness of the work also depends on the mood. Sometimes, what is most valuable to everyone, or the only thing that needs to be done well, is to do sales well. According to the boss of a small IT company in Sydney that we have worked with, “there are so many fools” “as long as there are many new leads, the unsatisfied ones can leave at will”. Usually, the sales ability of these agencies or individuals is very strong, and they are good at quickly establishing trust and cooperation with customers. However, when agencies or individuals need a trusted partner to truly provide value for their customers, and their technical capabilities, digital marketing expertise, or execution are limited, they will come to W1. Agents work with us because they trust us-we can reduce your risk, improve customer retention rates, and improve your overall marketing performance. We work with agency partners to help them fill in gaps in their capabilities, so we create a complete set of services for their customers:

1-Instant support: flexible cooperation methods allow us to fill roles during customer peak periods, and as new projects appear, we will provide additional reliable resources, 16 hours of standby every day of the week, solve problems with one phone call, and agilely respond to solve problems.

2-Deep search expertise: W1 has a number of search experts who are dedicated to helping our agency partners integrate first-class search marketing services.

3-Strategy and audit: we can discover hidden dangers in your company’s work and processes, provide practical audits and training to solve efficiency problems, establish processes and standards, and improve your team’s capabilities.

4-Advanced operation support: We have a professional advanced support team that is familiar with various products and services under the ecosystem of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and the full-coverage business and knowledge reduce the chance of customer churn.

5-Enhance advertising purchasing power: As a digital agency that has established close relationships with various online advertising suppliers, we can help your agency obtain maximum channel placement discounts.

6-Shared revenue opportunities-cooperation is a two-way street, W1 is very focused on our core competitiveness, and we have been looking for agency partners who do not provide services for us to deliver customers and bring business opportunities.


If you are interested in the IT industry and marketing,
and considering starting your own company.

W1 provides comprehensive technical support, business consulting, and marketing assistance, including IT technology support, to students or recent graduates who are unwilling to be exploited in a job or have awakened to the fact that only entrepreneurship can maximize their value, as well as IT and marketing professionals with industry experience, to help them succeed in starting a business. From scratch to success, every step is tailored to each individual’s specific situation, magnifying strengths and expanding business operations.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, particularly with IT and digital marketing as the main business leverage, you may consider contacting us to learn more about the “W1 Entrepreneurship Support Program” and decide whether to apply for it to receive entrepreneurship support.

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