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MIAO Studio is a music recording and production studio located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It is a wholly-owned music production team of W1 Company.

MIAO stands for Melbourne International Art Organisation, founded in 2014 with the aim of providing a friendly platform for artists in Melbourne to support each other in art exhibitions or performances. However, due to the large turnover of personnel and difficult management, it was dissolved in 2018. To commemorate this valuable attempt at unity among international artists in Australia, the company’s music production studio was named MIAO Studio. MIAO Studio is equipped with world-class recording and mixing equipment, featuring “second-order sound reflection” acoustic treatment and Dunlop bass traps, providing an original sound recording environment with dB stability at 24-25dB. The studio is equipped with French FOCAL midfield monitors for post-production work, such as mixing and mastering for large venues.

MIAO Studio provides a variety of music production services, including commercial advertising music production, film score composition, TV program music production, songwriting, and recording. Our team consists of experienced music producers, engineers, and musicians to meet your various music production needs.

In terms of commercial advertising music production, we have rich experience and professional knowledge to help you produce high-quality and attractive music works. Our services include original composition, music scoring, sound design, and mixing for commercial advertising music. We work closely with clients to ensure the production of music works that meet their needs and brand image. In addition, we provide a variety of recording services, including sound design, mixing, mastering, etc. Our fully-equipped studio with high-quality sound can provide you with the best recording and production environment for your music works. Original recordings include but are not limited to solo vocals, choral vocals, guitar recordings, violin recordings, and guzheng recordings, among others.

If you are looking for a professional recording studio and commercial advertising music production company in Melbourne, please contact us for more information. We look forward to providing high-quality services for your music production needs.

Service Offerings

Recording: $150/hour (minimum booking of 1 hour)

Post-production mixing and mastering: $100/track. Additional $50/track for multi-track vocal mixing.

Editing: $100/hour, includes pitch correction, rhythm correction, and on-the-spot adjustments during the recording session.

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