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a1lab provides blockchain technology consulting, smart contract development and auditing, blockchain project analysis reports, and other related technology and consulting services related to blockchain.

a1, not A2

a1lab is one of the few real-name blockchain technology teams (excluding university laboratories). The core members of the team are located in Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne. Due to the so-called “blockchain spirit” (anonymity) and the many uncertainties brought about by the cryptocurrency world, Web3.0 participants are often unwilling to reveal their true identities and transactions are limited to on-chain. This obviously cannot bring customers a sense of trust and security. A1 Laboratory is willing to serve as a ferryman between Web3.0 and Web2.0, exploring and exploring with customers, and using A1 Laboratory’s technology to realize customers’ own imagination of Web3.0 at the intersection of reality and dreams. Among NFT developers, many teams use “lab” in their name, such as the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club, Stepn development team Find Satoshi Lab, and so on. As a young NFT team, we couldn’t compete with others in terms of funds, experience, and technology, so we just wanted to make a name for ourselves on an A-Z list. And thus, the name A1 was born. It is not the same A1 as the one mentioned by A2 Milk, which is known for manipulating stock prices during the Asia-Pacific CEO and director private sale in the pandemic. (Note: A2 Milk Company uses DNA testing technology to screen cows, ensuring that the milk produced contains all-natural A2 protein, which is used to produce liquid milk and powdered milk products. Hence the name “a2 milk.” The company openly “degrades” regular milk and criticizes A1 protein in traditional milk, but multiple experts and authoritative organizations have questioned this claim. As early as the 2009 report by the European Food Safety Authority, there was not enough evidence to prove that A1 protein could cause diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and central nervous system effects. Australian and New Zealand food regulatory agencies have also rejected a2 Milk Company’s application for “mandatory health warnings on regular milk.” a2 Milk has been heavily penalized for violating advertising laws.)


Web3.0: is it a scam, just a hype, or the next development trend of the internet? No one knows for sure yet, but everyone knows it’s an opportunity and Web2.0 will eventually become a thing of the past. In 2021, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) became incredibly popular and an NFT marketplace with little regulation saw a “miracle” where a single image was sold for $9.7 million. As a technology enthusiast, the founder of the company, Reign, was curious and passionate about cutting-edge technology. Despite knowing that university is not always the most efficient way to gain knowledge, Reign made time for learning and went back to school after an 8-year hiatus to understand the latest IT trends. After learning Remix and Solidity, Reign successfully developed and deployed their first Dapp. Recognizing the compatibility between Solidity and Javascript, and with nearly 10 years of frontend development experience, W1 realized the feasibility of serving the blockchain market.

a1 lab Team

A1 lab was founded by W1 with the help of Bill Song and Chaze Ding. Bill Song is a Crypto Advisor who has extensive knowledge of blockchain technology and products. He became interested in Bitcoin during high school and has since become a wealthy crypto investor. Chaze Ding is a UX designer who previously worked as an architect for a large hotel real estate development company. Both Bill and Chaze share a passion for art and music.

A1 lab is focused on promoting the “Artist Protection” project, which aims to help artists create and distribute their artwork on the blockchain. The goal is to create better working conditions for artists and to provide them with more opportunities to thrive in their field. A1 Lab has faced many challenges since its inception, but the experience gained through these challenges has allowed them to better serve clients who are interested in blockchain technology.

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