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Utilize W1's IT consulting services to enhance awareness and maintain competitiveness.

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W1 assists businesses in training IT staff and marketing professionals. Employee training is a vital aspect of any organization as it helps improve employee skills, increase productivity and quality, reduce costs, and enhance competitiveness. Employee training services are a professional service that provides businesses with training services for their employees with the objective of improving employee skills and enhancing the company's competitiveness.

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W1's consulting service provides professional consulting services for enterprises or individuals who are currently developing or planning to develop projects. It offers technical solutions and architectural suggestions for the project.

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Market Analysis Consultation

W1's market analysis and advertising strategy consulting service is a professional consulting service aimed at providing effective advertising and marketing strategies for businesses or individuals who wish to understand the Australian market situation.


W1's Web3.0 project consulting services can help clients understand the development trends and application scenarios of Web3.0 technology, and provide in-depth knowledge of the implementation principles and architecture of Web3.0 technology.

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Testing and Auditing

The W1 technical team offers code troubleshooting, project testing, and acceptance services, as well as advertising strategy and SEO auditing services to enhance corporate awareness and maintain market competitiveness.

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